Saturday, February 28, 2004

I Love The Barrel:
Ok I am still ranting a bit. I am bent over the barrel I tell you. Full of piss and vinegar along with homicidal tendancies today. I could cry, I really need to be productive this weekend and this is NOT helping.

Do none of the twats listen? To get a replacement product, to me in France it takes a 22 step process. No joke. I have to change my account information. Sure I go do that and then they say it will take 10 business days to process. Ouch. Then I will need to transfer my warranty cause France wont recongnize my US one. This is an international company? That will take up to fourteen business days. Where did I put the lube? Even better Dell France will take 2-3 weeks to process the bloody "order." And then ship it 5-7 business day arrival. My colon is bruised.

So we go to plan two- send it to someone in the US ASAP and then have them send it on to me ASAP. SO that there is a chance I will get my papers done with out my expiration or jail time involved. I need something overnighted, they sent it 5-7 business day delivery. Even better I have to arrange for it to be shipped from the US to me in Europe and I am supposed to get the stupid shit piece of crap that doesnt work back to them in 5 days (actual not business days), but I have to first get the replacement product, before I can send it back. WTF?? Does Dell hire off the lowest IQ test placements available? I like special people but I want the customer service and technical service person to actually be able to read.

When I say dont buy Dell I mean it. If you do and you leave the country just bend yourself over the barrel and brace yourself.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Being At The Mercy Of Computers Sucks:
And so does Dell. I miss having my computer, with power. I miss being connected to my internet with that portal that goes through my navel to the computer in my lap, to the cable modem. I know I am lame and completely dependent but the defective adapter has caused major problems for me. Especially as I am trying to get my papers together. Not having a functional computer makes that a bit of a pain in my ass. Even worse pain in mon cul is that Dell is yanking me around like no ones business. Listen carefully DONT EVER BUY DELL. It looks like I am either going to have to fork over serious cash or wait for quite a while and beat the living shit out of Dell. I would be chafed if it werent for a fun someone making my day today. I know it sounds silly but I am thrilled about it and well it made my day. And after the foul mood I was in with writing nasty nasty emails to Dell. Yes I know sugar and honey gets me more, but really I am just a cranky little pixie that is FULL of piss and vinegar right now. Let me just say that it is no small feat to have accomplished. And I am forever in her gratitude.

Mac went and blogrolled me. I feel so special. I LOVE her blog, the designs are cool. Forget being like Mike, for my blog I want to be like Mac. Mac's blog was one of the first that I read regularly, her blog drew me in. When I dropped the crappy blogs I had been reading when I started out in this trend I really realized that I was impressed by her site and its cohesion, design, the way she expresses her beliefs, and well she has a handful of things in common with me too :) The blogs that get me know are ones that not only have something decent to say but also just pull me in. Mac's does that! And she just had a birthday too!

Thank you Mac for making my day have a little bit of sunshine and a lot less vinegar in it!

Monday, February 23, 2004

Well I am going to be a bit at the mercy of university computers for a while. There were sparks flying and I mean the kind that ignite fire from my power adapter and the plug into my home computer. So if I am not around for a while know that I am ok and will do my best to get posting something up.

Send all good thoughts to Dell to replace my adapter promptly please :)

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Put The Tomato Down:
YEAH!!!! Yeah me! I have successfully finished the exposé from hell. You want to know what I say about my exposé. Ha, I say exposé this! Well, no not really. I am not going to flash creepy professor man, but I shout exposé ça anyways :)

I love talking about the Trans-Atlantic politics of Genetically Modified Organisms as much as the next person. And I for some odd reason know more than I care to admit or have use for on EU Agricultural and Trade policy, not to mention Beef Hormones. I even have my t-shirt from when I worked the WTO ministerial that says "I was tear gassed" and I was. But I am tired, and on the verge of hating GMO's with an unparalled passion.

The bloody thing took me a good three solid hours. First coordinating my thoughts in English and organzing a structure for the presentation. Then writing it out in shoddy French. All the while with mon dictionnaire in my lap and la Babelfish in the background for the shit I had NO clue about.

I have passed the presentation off to a friend to varify and correct delusional and grammatically out there bits. Amazingly enough and comforting moving my English to French gave me an extra hundred words. I love that! I am verbose and proud of it. Also means my 3000 word papers (900 words down on one of them now... :) wont be as hard as I thought. Well yeah that is what I am saying now. Foul Tink will set that straight in a week or two when I am working on one of them full force.

Anyways its a party- drinks (virtual ones that is) are on me! Bigger party with the whole class tomorrow after the presentation too :) I love feeling done and relaxing.

I Interrupt My Writing Block and Research:
No NO NOOOOOO La la la la la la la la.

This can not be happening. It is simply so wrong it is appalling. It deprives children everywhere of good and independent entertainment.

I love the Muppets, Disney cant own them. What happened to integrity? Dont you know that Pixar left for a reason. Come on it is classic and it is timeless, and the Muppets are well GOOD. Things that Disney hasnt been for YEARS. I am so terrified of the hill my FAVORITE childhood show will go down, let alone the other wonderful creations that come from Jim Henson. Come on why do you think Eisner is under so much fire recently? Try to think of a good movie they have done lately (that isnt Pixar)- yeah there was that Hillary Duff movie I was subjected to on my flight back from Italy, not sure I would call that good. And there was the Princess Diaries- absolutely just riveting. This new one , well Walt would obviously be proud. Come on you have to admit the quality has gone down hill in recent years. I like Disney, but the old Disney.

What is the Henson Family thinking. Jim looks down on you in shame.

Positive Thoughts:
Language who knew it had such power over confidence. I am fairly confident that the presentation will go well. Its not much, maybe about 5 solo minutes; but as always I am panicking- supposedly about nothing as my friends say. I know the topic inside and out. I am just working on putting it into French. Normally I dont have a problem being the center of attention for a presentation in class, but this one has me a bit intimidated.

The presentation is done in a scripted fashion and my partner will review it just for safety's sake, but am just putting out there for the boost. I am right now in the free thought stage. I have a decent idea in English where I ma going with this and now I am just trying to get the outline out there in French. It is going ok and I am focusing immensely so if you have any extra positive thoughts feel free to send them my way.

Best thought in my mind right now: IN 24 hours this will all be over. And then it will be on to writing the papers :) Yup Gilda says it best: It's always something.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Sometimes I Hate Being Right:
God I am hating and I really do mean hating exchange markets. The Euro has hit over 1.29 with the Euro going up. And there is a little known fact- Euros evaporate quite quickly, seems their expiration date is about 2 days. The only thing the dollar is good to me for right now is wiping my ass. I told people this would happen back when the Euro was 85 cents to the dollar and only an "imaginary currency" (ie used by banks but people still using Francs and Lira). See Ma you should have bought that appartment like I told you, would have made you 45% profit!

No one believed me. I was only researching it what would I know? First I was told that the Euro wouldnt happen- lookie here in my wallet, it sure did. Then it was it wouldnt be worth much, well at the start of course not. They all told me the Euro (because of some econometrics bullshit) would be lucky to make it to parity to the dollar and last as a currency. Well I do political ECONOMY not Economics (I dont want to play with your calculus), but it has exceeded that expectation and it's not going anywhere that I can tell. The dollar has tanked faster than the Titanic since last summer. The rate was 1.08 last summer when I got to Italy, it is 1.29 now. It was 1.22 when I left the states in December it's 1.29 now.

What does that say?? This says there is something seriously wrong with the US economy. You and I know that, why doesnt this administration get that? Why dont they get that they are fucking over the export based recoveries of countries that would shore us up, like Japan and Germany... GRRR.

I said the Euro would hit 1.50 some time in the next 4 years, particularly if the Pound joined (especially after it became a hard currency- the time I made the prediction when it was still imaginary)> I have never wanted to keep the Pound out of the Euro so desperately, I am guessing it would bring the rate up to 1.70 to the dollar. I hate being right cause with the trend as it stands, those rates are not too far off in the horizon. Actually I dont mind being right most of the time. But why do I have to be right when I am trying to pay for shit over here and it is costing me royally. I mean the Pound has hit an 11 year high against the dollar it's almost 2 to one. Note to Tink- try to get a job that pays in Euros or Pounds, maybe you can pay your loans back quicker.

And Bush thinks the economy is getting stronger?? The Twat is pulling a Nixon Recovery. There isnt lots at the hands of a US president to mess around with the economy but he is pulling each string for all its worth. Littel problem though: Do you know what the result of that Nixon recovery was?? The Frickin OPEC Oil Crises! Those did not lead to prosperity I guarantee you- not for the average American at least. I hate idiots who toy with economies cause they think it is a fecking tinker toy- go play with monopoly money instead. Sure the stock market is doing better but the dollar is worth less (and that will have a longer term impact) and there are still SOOOO many people with out jobs who the government has cut unemployment insurance benefits (that oh yeah you have paid for). I like the country but I have some serious issues with this government. GAH!!

Please Vote Kerry- even if you dont like him, cause I cant handle any more of this.

Super Star:

Sara is... well it's beyond words how much she rocks. She is the sweetest person with one serious wild child streak, and I love that. Even when it got us locked in a Turkish prison for 5 hours. She has been one of my best buds for 8 years now. Honestly I dont know what I would do with out her, I love her that much. Her family is awesome too, I am really going to miss Easter Brunch with them this year. Sara is just all around goodness and fun! Not to mention THERE for me and I am for her. People like Sara are invaluable, and from what I can tell there arent near enough people like her. I cant wait till she makes it over to Italy to see her again and we can go out.

We worked together at Victoria's Secret in college and she decided to make my day. I feel so special, loved and pampered. She went and got me hand and body cream (cause she knows how my skin gets during winter- plain lotion will not cut it) in my favorite scent (that is now discontinued, so she pulled some strings). She also sent me Hidden Valley Ranch Dip. Sounds silly but since one pouch is over 3 euros here (yeah almost $4USD for a pouch half the size of the $1.50 one you get at the grocery store) and I got six; that is a pretty serious score. I am the envy of all, my body cream even says I am even Pretty in Pink :)

Ta now I am skipping off into moisturized bliss, cause it really is the small things that are important and make the difference.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Current bit o' education wisdom for the day:
If you are going to put together a bibliography (which is nice since you want us to present it) and give us resources so we can access to read them Please at the least make it the accurate site/title/author spelling (no I am not talking about small errors). Cause 1. oh yeah you didnt bother to tell the library system here you wanted them to be available so we could find hard copies. And 2. By the way you chose articles that are outdated beyond belief arer in publications not carried by this schools library. Thank you for that 2 hours merry-go-round adventure.

If you are going to make us fish things like the year the article was written in etc things like the Publications source would be nice also. The real title of the article, or the professor's actual name might help too. Even better- write the word in English for the URL the way it needs to go into a browser, cause otherwise we wont find the fucker. And yes I know you speak English well enough to do that you seedy SOB. And no the word in French isnt even close to the word in English.

I just spent over an hour and a half scouring the web for this twat's reading (since I have to present it) trying to find 7 of his 8 listed articles. This is from the bibliography on his site and supposed to be accurate. Google is my bitch, and I have hacked into major universities databases to find this worthless shit. At least I know I am in the right trade- Researcher. I finally found the stupid things (which are out of date 5 years in international trade disputes= crusty and well past sell date) other half of which are stupid common sense. GRRRRRR. Clue to twat if the author doesnt put the publication on his site, or CV it probably isnt relevant anymore...

All of this from the man who thinks he is God, and wears his pants like Urkel. Yes my friends this adventure down the internet highway through my cynical and bitchy narration was brought to you not by the Letter F (for- you are smart figure it out) but instead from my SPECIAL French professor- who looks at me funny... I am thinking of taking my stress bat to class and beating his ass to a bloody pulp with it. See if he looks funny at me again. I love being a graduate student.

Oh and while I am on a tear, one other random updating gripe on internet bits. If you have a cool domain name (ie one I might want to use!!!!) and are doing nothing on the site nor have you for 3 years, set the domain name free.

Monday, February 16, 2004

I Am Sick:
No not I am feeling under-the-weather sick, but that other kind. I get distinct pleasure out of the fact that I can understand other languages and torture unknowing people with it. Even as shoddy as my Spanish is (first language which has been taken over with other romance languages since I was 14), I can still fire back off should you piss me off and oh yes I will especially if you get in my way. I have enjoyed this particular thrill of mine since I lived in Arizona. I took immence and perverse pleasure in understanding Spanish- pretending like I dont. And then turning around and tongue lashing. Was immensely immasculating to the Mexicans who were trying to cat call and say dirty things about me. Earned me the name of Lily which I still like even though it was as in Lily white Mexican- I am Spanish dummy. Family off the boat and Proud Of It!

I might act American, and look all American here in my running gear that no Parisian would be caught dead in (Nike Track Pants and NorthFace Fleece top with trainers (New Balance- should you care) that have seen better days), but I know what you are saying, for that matter I might even know what you did last summer (ok that was a cheesy movie play, but I saw it a few nights ago on TV). So tonight after my run and on the way to the grocery store to get milk (yes Milk, it is my drink of choice), I turned around and whapped at someone. Basically answering the question about me they were asking each other.

Is it bad that I loved watching their eyes pop out with discomfort? Am I evil incarnate?? Yeah I am a bad bad girl. I have no shame, I have devils horns (but call them Botticelli curls when I want to play angelic) and I will have to live with that; but I am still smiling at the looks on their face. What you Spaniard you colonialize half the world and think that no one else knows your language?? Ha Take That :)

Oomph Needed:
Anyone got the good toe of a boot they can use to oomph my lazy arse moving in the right direction. My computer is a dangerous place. Unfortunately I must use it. I must research, not personal things but my work. That kind of research. Now if only I hadnt just wasted 4 hours of my life that I wont get back... I can waste away time so well I should get an award.

Repeat to self- Research Articles, Download Articles, Print Articles, Read Articles. Repeat from the beginning.

Ironic isnt it, I am a procrastinator and slack ass (until I get going then there is no stopping me) and I choose the career path that least suits me (in terms of being a slack ass) but is most organic (in terms of what I am good at doing- when I do it). Ie I am on the right path, just it doesnt do everything for me. Damn path.

I am so bad at structuring my days for myself and discipline well starting is always the hard part. Guess I should go start. Feel free to boot away at me cause I need to move and I will take all the help I can get.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Cause I'm Late On The Trends:
Seems to be you have a blog you do this thing. I am still wrapping myself around memes and quizzes. For that matter I am still figuring out what the hell this space of mine is. But since today was pretty boring (wake up, go to brunch, knit Lauren's hat, went for a walk, did the dishes, you get the idea- real excitement over here) I decided to be a lemming and follow everyone off the cliff.

Where in the World has Tink gone?? :

La Monde: Well in my book not enough places... and I would do the places I want to go- but basically they're all the ones in grey.

Now for the States- these are all states I have been in or through:

If you want to get all technical and picky these are the ones that I at least spent a day in and did something:

All thanks to World 66


Defies explanation dont it?? I tried to find you a trailer but I didnt see one online. That isnt the half of the movie posters all over town either, I couldnt find the one with him in 12 poses and all looking that smug. Now I preface this with the fact that I love more than my fair share of foreign films and many are French (a lot are Italian too- and often not released out of Europe, sorry). So please note I am not trying to take the piss out of the French film industry.

But this one is everything wrong about a movie and an era I can think of, all in one place. I have seen a trailer for it at the two movies I have seen this past month. After I got home from brunch, did my dishes, researched (only a little bit- BAD Tink), and I flipped thorugh my 500 cable channels I saw the preview of the movie today again. I can not describe it. You are drawn to the visuals of the trailer, just like watching the car crash in slow motion. I am sure I am missing some cultural bit, but I cant understand the huge lines that were going out the door when we went to see Lost in Translation. From what I am gathering as I cant bring myself to really listen as I am staring in undeniable *insert adjective* It is some guy wanting to be a 70's star alla Saturday Night Fever and he has "Bernadettes." There is so much wrong with this I dont know where to start- the glitter it has me terrified.

The only thing I can say is
1. I wish my camera was here so that I could take a picture of the ads that are EVERYWHERE for this movie. Why should I be traumatised alone? and
2. What the hell??

For those of you who wanted to know also- this IS exactly what Smugly looks like- only with darker hair wearing a stupid beanie. Yeah its hard not to leap across the table sometimes.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Who Knew About Girl Power??:
I always was a believer in girl power- you know the stuff that says girls can do anything boys can do better :) Today I had a reminder of the power in relationships with girls. I love my girlfriends.

The Girls (Lauren and Julia) came over and they buzzed my apartment. I had no clue they were showing up either. I figured it was someone hitting the wrong button so I was not about to get up from my Nigella Lawson cookbook! It buzzed again- so I went over. Bon soir. Je suis desolee. French equvalent of wrong number on the building intercom. Thats right, let me get back to my book so I can decide what volumptous meal I am making! 2 minutes later BUZZZ again. I get ready to let loose, like the loose cannon I am, until I hear Lauren saying Tink?? Umm yeah what are you doing here? You sound French- I sound FRENCH, Yeah and like you are 45. Shut it Bint, come on up- no you come down, we're going out. WOOO HOOO VD Date #2!

So about 4 minutes later after changing out of my pyjamas, trying to make my lazy ass self presentable and giving up I head downstairs. We walked the neighborhood and my 5 words of Greek convinced the nice gentlemen to find us a table. And by that I mean move someone else out of their table for us. Yeah that doesnt happen in the US. We had a great wine from Crete and some of the best Greek food I have had in a long time. It would have been better with saganaki but I was so happy it didnt matter (I know flaming cheese did not matter- THAT is how happy I was). We decided to try the desserts that we didnt know what were with out asking what they were. I will warn you against Louvaki I believe it is. Supposed dessert, looks like Turkish Delight tastes like soap and perfume. The Cassis icecream- there are not enough Cassis flavored things in the US, and house pastry that showed up though were delicious. That and Julia brought Mozart Balls!!

Dont know what I did to deserve it but this Valentines Day is going down in the books. I am home happy, contented and going to snuggle up to a good book. I am loving it! And we have brunch tomorrow morning too :) La Vie en Rose.....

Happy Valentines Day:
I just got the BEST Valentines Day card from my friend Lauren, now there is a punkass girlfriend who knows how to make you laugh.

I even had a Valentines Day Date with my favorite Metrosexual Londoner. Well if you count us going out on Friday the 13th evening and then heading home at 2 am on the 14th. And I DO :) I had a wonderful time with my friend Charlie. We went to see Lost in Translation- which was a good movie, and ironically the subtitles were lost in the translation. We headed out to two pubs afterwards and talked about scintillating things (like annoyances with classes here, British Politics and US Highschool Reunions- dont ask how the topics come up, if you havent figured it out yet I am COMPLETELY random.)

For VD I plan on doing me some research (cause if I dont start getting my act together for these papers sometime soon I am going to have a full on panick attack), knitting me my other sock and watching much amourous French and Italian TV (I get Rai Uno- Yippeee). And then I am going to make me some yummy dinner and enjoy what ever the BBC puts on listening to the music man (clarinet right now) serenading the Place (pl-aaa-ce not place) I live on. Enjoy!

Friday, February 13, 2004

Oh Aphrodite Why Doth Thee Banish Me...:
And on Friday the 13th at that. It would seem regardless of being in one of the cities of love, unless there are some drastic changes in my life and immediately, I have not made sufficient sacrifices to the altar of Aphrodite this year. The wrong French Professor is "looking" at me (yes it creeps me out), and I am still single. Not that I think there is anything wrong with that mind you. Just not sure I want a day specifically designed to remind me about it, with the intention of making me feel bad if someone doesnt get me chocolate.

Screw that. I refuse to feel bad. So in honor of the day of couples I am yelling from the roof tops- TAKE BACK THE NIGHT. I am claim it for myself. It is Singles Awareness Day this Friday! I may be broke but I am going to treat myself to something even if it is only a chocolat chaud.

Should you be so lucky as to be single with me (need and want are as different as settling and happy) then feel free to join in with me. Nothing fancy- I am not into the US style extravaganza that Hallmark has made this day. And if you arent single please dont perpetuate the insanity. Do something unique and thoughtful to show you care- not some stupid capitalistic ploy like a chocolate heart and roses.

Oh and should anyone want to say they love me... you can send me this dysfunctional gift. I would so thoroughly enjoy it- but not as much as Taffy :) Me, well I might go send some of you lovely people one of these or these cards- much more my style.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Random Romance Thoughts:
So I had some twat go ask me why I had such a "hard on" for Eddie Izzard. for his sake I am going to allow him to remain anonymous. Shite question, but it gives me a chance during "le semaine d'amour" to propount on some of my guiding theories in relation to relationships.

Let me explain. Yes, I am only going off what I know from my "research." But if what I know about Eddie is anything like the real person then I am taken, make that given. I dont care how old he is nor do I care that he is a transvestite. I like that we share political opinions but as long as he was respectful, I wouldnt mind the challenge were he different. I am really not judgemental like that as long as there is respect and laughter.

When it comes to men I have this theory. I know it sounds funny but follow the logic. Granted I consent this theory has not been widely tested (that is not my thing). However, if you want to know about a decent shag; in my experience the men who could make me laugh- all decent or above the bar shags. On the other hand the most worthless three minutes of my life (counted on the handily provided digital clock) were thanks to a guy who couldnt make me laugh if his life depended on it. I have a whole other set of rules because of him, but that is another story.

I know it sounds stupid but as I get older I dont go for this whole "hot" guy thing. In general I would give most any guy a chance, really I am not into rejection. And sure I would like to have a reasonably attractive man- but what is attractive that has changed for me. The "hot and popular" guy that every one wants to snag; Been there, done that- not in for the maintenance. The guys you know Abercrombie boys like Smith on Sex and the City- not my thing. Attractive to look at, maybe if I wanted to play; but I am going to say from 90% surety-not for the long run. Guys like Steve and Harry (or my secret fantasy Mr. Big) are honestly more my pace. If you can make me laugh, you have one step up on the rest of your species. If you can think for yourself, even better.

Funny guys keep getting cuter and cuter. It really is true a persons personality can make them look better or worse. Take my nasty ex. People look at the pictures and tell me how attractive he was. I can even look at him in a picture and see how happy we were at the time (I was delusional), but I can also tell you that he is down right UGLY as a person. And I really do mean that. The more of your ugly inside bits I see the uglier your once potentially outside bits become. Insides matter.

Eddie makes me laugh. Talented and in possession of one brilliant mind (one of the sexiest organs I swear). He quite possibly is one of the only celebs that could make me star struck- jaw dropped, I do mean to the floor. He is actually extremely attractive- in drag or not. And he has an accent. Nuff' Said.

This article just nauseates me. I am so hopping mad I can barely get anything coherent out. I know in theory that there isnt as much privacy between my doctor and myself, especially with EVIL insurance providers, as I would like but this is beyond belief. It is beyond appalling and it is in my opinion an invasion of privacy which is unconstitutional.

I have gone off before about the whole partial birth abortion issue. Ridiculous to think that it would be either a patient or a doctors preferred method. People who Believe that amaze me. I just dont know how to look at them credibly. And people wonder why most of the world think that Americans are stupid. If you believed this shit you would be.

John Ashcroft keep your hands off my uterus and my fecking medical records, or for that matter those of my doctor.
Nostalgia and Cravings:
Oh my god I just found this. Come on don't you want one??? I do, I do. I have a major case of nostalgia right now. I remember reading the Willy Wonka Books and I was a kid when the phase took wave and they issued Wonka Bars. I really thought I could get one of the golden tickets and go with my Abuela (Grandma); just like Charlie and Grandpa. I also went as an Oompa Loompa for Halloween one year. I watched the movie and fell in l-o-v-e with Gene Wilder I worshiped that movie- still do, and the books are great too! I also loved getting Nerds, it was soo the 80's kid candy for me. They were great, you mixed em in your mouth; and I would gross my Mom out at inappropriate times going "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH" with my green mouth.

But what I really really want is Cherry and Strawberry Tangy Taffy in BULK. I have one serious sweet tooth and this is one of my favorite candies. Saltwater doesnt do it for me. I love fruity chewy things. Kind of ironic dont you think? I go to the dentist for a filling and now I want to eat candy. And lots of it, cause I am NOT good at rationing it.

I blame Abuela, I love her but Your Honor, it's all her fault. She bribed me when I was little and so the seed was sown. We would walk to the grocery store together and I would get Lucky Charms cereal (banned by Mom in our house) and she would get Starburst or Skittles. Then when we got home she would barter with me. She thought my hair was out of control, granted birds might have tried to nest in it but hey. She gave me her pet name, though I didnt understand till I was older; she used to call me Phyllis Diller. But the deal was if I let her do my hair she would give me candy. I was a tom-boyish heathen, I HATED having my hair done. But grandma would put it in Pig Tails and braids, and that was ok by me, especially if I got my candy. . . As you can all see now it is her fault I am ADDICTED to fruity flavored chewy candies.

I know that there arent that many people that come here and read the blather or prattel I put up but if anyone wants to trade me- shipping them to me, for me knitting a hat or something, I dont know I am about ready to pimp myself for Tangy Taffy. I'm off to find a Parisian Street Corner- cause there are no good French Fruity Chewy Candy Substitutes....

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I love my dentist:
Here I was dreading leaving the flat today. I looked at my finances and somehow (after paying all my rent upfront) they are in serious disrepair, tis the constant in the life of a graduate student. Damned exhcange rate, I was looking at the poverty diet; not to be confused with South Beach, Atkins, the Zone or any other diet trend. This is the one where you dont eat, so you can go to one museum a week. I was obviously not looking forward to going and paying 80 euros for a filling that had fallen out, especially not one I had paid $50 to have installed 7 months earlier .

I went to his hours at the American Hospital. Yipppee trip to the Banlieu. Kind of interesting as I have to combine three forms of transportation to get there. I put it off till the afternoon and then gave myself a firm boot up the arse to get moving on my hour plus commute. Oh well it was fun to ride the bus and see the suburban life of Paris. They have a different style to the urban sprawl and some really pretty chateau. Educational and harrowing would be my adjectives for the mode of transportation. The Buses here make me nervous, I like the Metro much better. I have seen a bus hit a car and I thought it was going to happen at least 20 times during the ride.

Got to the American Hospital, walked in went to the Dental area. This great cute little old man comes up, and after I say my name he says she is here for me. He takes me by the arm and says lets go take care of you. We walk into the room he talks in franglais. Turns out he went to get his Masters at USC (Southern California), and telling him I was troisieme cycle at Science Po elicited the requisite ooooh's and ahhhh's. 10 minutes later my filling is filled and because I such an adorable student he only charged me 30 euros before sending me on my way. I was in the building 25 minutes and the receptionist wrote out my check for me. Normally I like being self-sufficient, today I indulged in letting others do simple things for me instead.

Made my day. Saved me some dosh too- maybe I will get to eat after all :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Random Bits of Randomness:
I got hit on in the Metro today by 3 guys, all friends. I guess they figured there was strength in numbers. Which was great cause I am so not talented at interacting with men most of the time. Only issue was I could barely understand 2-3 words in the southern accent. My brain is officially declared dead.

I ran into some of the nicest French people today. The yarn lady at the Bon Marche- helpful and funny. Especially when the "regular character" with the quintescential wild hair and flailing arms, darts by yelling insanities at the top of her lungs. And at the grocery store the lady behind me helped me bag my groceries. I almost dont know what to do with all this kindness.

I am happy and content at home eating Kellogs Special K with Fruits Rouge (SOOO much better than US version- it has freeze dried strawberries, cherries and raspberries) for dinner. Who says I cant do breakfast for dinner- Scandinavians sure do dinner for breakfast. No I am not eating an openface "caviar" paste, mayonaise and shrimp sandwich with "coleslaw" that looks like someone stuck a firecracker in a cabbage all at 8am- especially not if the damn shrimp is still looking at me- no way in hell. I have regulations, if its got eyes attached I dont eat it.

Shitty bit was going to meet with a Prof and realizing with the BANG of a bat that life is about to flip upside down. I had been sitting here with no assigned readings, no tests to take at all and relaxing it easy time- majorly. Thinking "wow it is easy studying here, this is so easy..."

Today I realized I have 75 pages of writing and researching to do, half of it in French (OUCH) and oh yes only 49 days to do it in. Hupt too! You can commence the countdown to the return of FOUL Tink, which may or may not be humorous. Yes I the brilliant one chose the location with the highest level of requirements for my first module.

I have 40 pages of writing with Hot Professor #1 (he is the genetically French tall one- which means he has three conditions only one that is "resolvable." 1. Twiggy legs, 2. Genetically impossible to be French, tall and have any amount of an ass, 3. slouches shoulders over). But he is a PhD from one of my TOP university choices for next year and I need a good rec. (he offered to write one) so I am going to have to throw myself HEADLONG into it. Thats dull, come on what about some Gay Paree life??

TJ managed to help me out of that funk with a link to this. Between that and Mac's great home video, I giggled all the way to reading the social charter...

Political Giggles:
I make no hiding of it I am a social democrat. I am practical so in the US I am a left leaning Democrat. I believe in social welfare policies, also believe in balanced budget- and they are not mutually exclusive. Fiscal responsibility is not only the proprietary principle of Republicans, and sorry but I do not find social responsibility to be a Republican principle either. But I am also tolerant enough and enjoy challenges of thoughts, to have some really good friends who are Republican and even Neo-Cons (militarily misguided democrats). They are not bad people just seriously politically misguided. But I told my friend Jeff this and he just about peed his pants and told me I had to share.

So I meet a friend of a friend and they are serious Pubies (that is short for Republican- say it right you perverts!). And they have kids. I have a knack with kids, and the 2 year old and 4 year old love me. Daddy decides to bring out the 4 year old and show us a"joke." Daddy says "liberal" and 4 year old says seriously in a corrective tone "Daddy dont say the bad word!" Ha Ha all cute. So 4 year old after making everyone giggle comes over to me. I decide to play back. I tell him to go tell Daddy how much he loves the SOCIALIST lady. Daddy's eyes bug out, he spits out his wine and best of all he cant say anything cause 4 year old loves me and if he said I was a bad word the gig would be up.

I love messing around with my Pubie friends :)

Zou Must Louve Ze French Cuztomer Zervice:
Yes really you must. I have just had the most hysterical of "discussions." Really its a good thing I have a sense of humor otherwise there would be lots of bodies to clean up and hide. Lauren gets me the embassy listings of English speaking dentists. Should you need to point sharp things and speedy moving bits at me about topics of which I have no language skills on- Yeah I want you to speak English. Almost a week later I finally make myself call. I hate it when I get this way, it is always a bad sign. But oh well I did it.

So I call the whole list. Goes as follows:
Call#1: in the fastest three seconds of French I have ever heard- hello we are going to put you on hold- click to the looping 5 language, "you are on hold" music. After 3 minutes I hang up, I am calling on a calling card you know. Time is money.
Call#2: No we do not speak English but I have an appointment on Friday and it will be 60 euros. And we dont care about...

To be safe I decide to search around a bit more as well you never know.

Call#3: The Cake Topper. Yeah I know I broke the cardinal sin of telling they guy about a comparison but still trying to fuck me over the barrel?? Think again.
Discussion as follows... in French of course with a condescending man who switched to English- to "help me"
Me: I lost a filling it is not cosmetic, just a small one on my last molar. I need to have it replaced. Could you tell me how much that might cost?
Him: It will be 85 euros.
Me: 85 euros?
Him: No 485 euros
Me: Goodness for that price I could practically fly home. Other dentists I have called charge 60 euros.
Him: Well go fly home then.
Me: *sarchasm ladden* in French; Thank you for all your help, I'll look for a better dentist (cause yup the guy talking, he was the dentist).

Call#4: Fourth time is the Charm- Dentist is sweet says to come and see him at the American Hospital (out in the Banlieu urgh) and he will see what he can do but 60-80 euros. He talked in French and English was really nice and closed the call with dont worry dear come on out and we will see what we can do to take care of you.

Normally things like calling me "dear" bugs me, you have to be in the *special* group to not have me claw out your eyes with a spork for that. But today he earned his honorary membership, in this case yeah I'll put the spork down and fork over the extra 20 euros for a nice guy with a drill in his hand.

But you have to love the concept of customer service here. When in France do as the French...

Monday, February 09, 2004

Games Games and More Games:
Since I have turned into Dracula's nocturnal bitch again and I took a nap today (all but precluding me going to bed at a normal hour with out drugging myself- still a possibility) I am up playing games on the internet. I am not a big gamer or anything freakish just have a handful of good old satan spawn games that are addictive and consume my time whole. Might as well share the misery and giggles.

Spider Solitaire- on every computer with MS and well way cooler than plain solitaire. And that link isnt the real MS thing which is what I play.

Marbles- High score of 468 once. I played it for hours when I was unemployed.

Mahjong- Was my mother's game then I found this version. Now its my bitch and ironically I play and it must wind me down as I can often fall asleep playing it.

and thanks to Mac via Sledge my new all time favorite.

Go play it- you will thank all of us later :)

George- Give It. You AINT Ever Gonna Sound Smart:
Going on a political rampage. George (and do you notice how infrequently people want to refer to him as President Bush??) has gone and given an interview. Maybe Americans are waking up and smelling some foul bitter coffee. I dunno I am in France where the people are screaming about Juppe and what is basically a campaign/party financing legal case "robbing" them of their next president. Yeah the same guy who flopped royally as a Prime Minister- so bad that he was replaced in 2 years by the opposition a Socialist for the next 5 years.

But I digress. Went to read my news and read about this Interview with Tim Russert. Wish I could have seen it, but it sounds aggitating enough just reading it. Tim will hard hit with both sides so I find it to be at the least- equally biased, and that is what I want. So from all I can tell, George is sitting there backpedalling as fast as those two little legs will take him and quoting people (David Kay for one) along with other shit out of context left and right. He wants to make justifications for how he has acted. But here is the thing about justification- if you have to justify yourself usually you arent doing the RIGHT things.

So out of this article I found my favorite quote about Saddam and why we went to war (not that it will stay that way- seems to change every five minutes).

"In my judgment, when the United States says there will be serious consequences, and if there isn't serious consequences, it creates adverse consequences,"

I gots 3 things to say :
1. Using big words repeatedly in one sentence does not make you smart.
2. Consequences is not a big word- it has lots of letters but it isnt a big word- if you use it with your three year old (if you do that then you will have to pay the concequences) it doesnt count.
3. Diplomacy is not about treating other countries like they are three year olds.

He even tried to say he did his duty for his national guard service (all that protecting Texas from Oklahoma is hard you know, much harder than I dunno Vietnam). Anyone else hear him saying I did my doodie?? I read teh transcripts- and all the Yeahs followed by prattle. Made me think of the Sesame Street aliens going Yup Yup Yup faster and faster.

Even better seems for this commission that is looking into intelligence fuck ups he has appointed a good ol boy. Yes you knew he would. You know one who helped with the October surprise (negotiated deal by none other than Daddy to keep the Iranian hostages under lock and key until they were coincidentally released on inauguration day), and also let Ollie free. Sure this is a guy who knows what the hell intelligence is about. And since the report wont be due till after the election so the people cant judge his presidency off of something so crazy as I dont know... the merits. GAH, I think it is most frightening that the man calls himself a War President. I dont want that twat leading me into war, sorry. Politically apoplectic that man makes me.

No No NO- This Can't Be Happening:
Ok I wanna know who is going to hell first. The person who sold out my french cell phone number or the person who called it.

How in the hell did a telemarketer for Canal Plus get my phone number?? No really I want to know. Not like I post it everywhere. Hell I dont even remember it, I use it that often. This is because there are only about 5 or 6 people who would call me on it. Most of them with me at all times. This is the reason I dont put my name on the voicemail boxes and I have a cell phone. Theoretically telemarketers are only able to get landlines. The times are a changing; I am in a land of different rules. And you all get to hear my mouth about it.

Some how, I just got a call. My phone rings I sit there with hope. They ask for me by my legal name- someone calling me about my passport?? Please, please, pleeeeeeeaaaaassssssseeeee God/Goddess/Buddha/Shiva you name it, tell me it feels I have atoned enough to get back my passport...

Nope the bitch gets my hopes up confuses me in French (that bit, especially on a phone, isnt hard) and then tries to sell me shit. Shit mind you, that is included in my internet/cable package. I dont need to be watching TV anymore than I already am. I should walk the town, something or anything other than sit in front of the tele and see Bold and the Beautiful reruns (though watching the Goonies last night was fun). The only reason I got the cable package was because it cost me less than internet alone.

It is hard enough to get away from the internet now- a television with Version Originale- I would never shower or leave the house. **Side note** I dont currently have enough plugs in my apartment to plug everything in, so the TV has been sidelined. The internet went first. But Canal Plus- really guys its not worth it. Besides which I already have it for four whole months. Seeing that I move in three I dont think this is a problem. And if for some reason I loose it after a week like the nice sales lady says, I will live with out those extra channels (all 6 of them). I have some 250 others to go look at.
My Relationship with the Metro:
I cannot express how much I adore the Parisian metro. But just for fun here is a short list:

Car-less and completely functional- this alone has me entirely enamored.
More active, the Metro is my Stairmaster. (My expanding ass thanks you)
Just about anywhere I want to go I can get there. And relatively quickly
Live music, with some of it phenomenal.
Smiling at little kids and making them giggle
Sitting across from the Paris and Nicole look alikes- more giggles...
Dogs on the Metro- they are great. Even the odd cat in a baby Bjørn
That Parisian flick of the Metro handle makes me feel a little bit more local

There are very few downs to the metro. One is the pan handlers. I always feel guilty when I see them. I am a city girl but I have too much of a heart and am not "calloused" enough. I hate seeing people begging or in need.

Really the only other down side I can think of is the ripeness. I use that word to describe many things. It describes the smell in the car when you are packed in like sardines and constantly reminded you that you live in the city of perfume (Secret deodorant could make a killing). It describes the aroma of some stations (can we say Chatelet??)- reeking of piss. Really, I want to know why? Does everyone go there to squat and piss? *** Update *** Actually, it seems the transients do. Today I walked past two drunken men who were peeing in the corner; into the little gutters provided, how thoughtful of the French. I guess it’s better than the sleeping/passed out guy in the Metro car that pissed on himself.

One other Metro related bit- for some odd reason I have this burning desire to jump from the landing on to the tracks and run across to the other side to climb out and be "over there." Even though its dirty with mice down there. And I know my train is on this side. I have this image of me standing in front of the Metro and it screeching to halt in front of me too (Superman Style). I don’t know why. Not the smartest of things I have thought on many fronts. But I want to.

Late last night the fun of the Metro was on the way home; I had a Metro car all to myself for three stops. It is kind of fun having a whole car to yourself. And it got better. I missed the doors closing on the change and it was the last train of the night, so I smiled at the driver (hoping to have him open a door again). Instead he let me ride in the steering car! It’s simple, but I am grinning ear to ear.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Today is Eddie Izzard's Birthday:
I am about to go off into an obsessed period of girly goo-goo gaa-gaa drooling- dont say I dont warn you people.

I love Eddie, he is the fairy on my screen saver. More importantly he is a talented actor, brilliant comedian, and quite intelligent left of liberal executive transvestite. I think he might honestly be my perfect man. Rugged handsome looks, sexy voice- with an accent (my knees are quivering), randomness matched by mine, radical/revolutionary liberal, performs for worthy causes and all that with out the fears of embracing a feminine side. Look at this picture and tell me you would kick the man out of your bed. Go on I dare you, I knew you wouldnt.

Honestly, I would quite happily allow him to place a flag on me. I would go so far as to say encourage, and many other well placed adjectives. He is not only hot Hot HOT!! But fucking hysterical. And that is one of my top criteria for hot men. If you havent seen Glorious or Dress to Kill. Go NOW and buy them- you will thank me later. And by thank me I mean you can get me this or this.

No I do not care that he dresses in women's clothes- he can run in heels with out falling over so he passes the test. Though petite as I am (and having dated many TALL men (read 6'7") I dont know if we should be seen in public with his heels on. I dont think they make stillettos that high). I admit he is one of the few men I think facial hair works for and I do think he is much more attractive with out the make up. But hey he seems to know how to do his own creating a damn dashing look, and that is one step better than me.

So Eddie- Happy 42nd, and please indulge my dreams. Look me up next time you are in Paris.
Peter Pan ROCKS:
Oh my god. I loved that movie. It was great. It was breathtaking with the special effects. And best of all they stuck to the story line. I giggled the whole way through. And Clochette/Tinkerbell- AWESOME. I would have paid to play that role. I am not that great of an actress, but this is one I could have done. They had french actress instead. And I must say she did a lovely job.

Not enough good things are said about this movie. And people it is not only for kids. Honest, it was great fun. I may be turning 27 this year but I think it better to be a kid sometimes. Tonight was just perfect for flying away to Neverland. Lauren and I had a wonderful time. And toodles all as I am off to shake some pixie dust over my head and send myself off to sleep.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Where Have I Gone??
So I know there should have been a flood of posts coming forth from me in the last 24 hours, but I have kind of been in a "quiet place." I excitedly talked on MSN IM with three of my great friends and caught up on the gossip with Cec. I have also been fixated with playing on the net again and giving myself migranes staring for too long at the nice little screen, not to mention catching up on some of my favorite blogs.

I have tried to insert other small bits in my blog and blog roll, but most of that detailed and long overdue work will be done later. And I have been going out. If I am going down, I am going down in a blaze of glory that is a theme in my life and I might as well add it to my current financial situation. *as a positive note* UPS can count their lucky stars they are being moved from Code Level Fatwa to Code Level Kufr. Seems they delivered my camera 10 days ago to someone else with out leaving a note on the door that it was at said person's house. Doctor man didnt tell the wifey to bring it over either. Big sigh of relief and anticipation for the goodies box being mailed tomorrow :)

So last night I bucked my anti-social tendancies and headed to a dinner with students from one of my classes. It was quite enjoyable and Polish man stared at me all dinner and all day in class. He's not unattractive but for the love of god I'll flirt, just talk.

As for today I survived 4 hours of mind exploding lecture- where I listened to two hours to a presentation from Smugly on the oh so lovely topic he knew jack shit about- but as he prefaced his discussion we could find out about just like he did: the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve. I would tear into him if I wasnt so conscious about speaking up in French during a PhD class. Yippee I researched monetary policy 4 years ago- on the front of the wave people, ride on the front. That and listening to the professor who not only wears his pants like Urkel (sans suspenders) but thinks he is the schiznit and LOVES the sound of his own voice prattering about absolutely nothing. You think I am joking- go look at his web site photo. Egoiste barely starts the definition. And after lunch to another class with our "oh so 'I wanna jump him' hot" French professor class. Yes I watch that man walk down the street well into the distance. He makes the Assemblee Nationale sound sexy.

Tonight I am going with Lauren (the only other person who would go with me adults- PFFFFTTT :P) to see a movie Yes people I am going to go see Peter Pan today :) How could I not go and see my soul sister/name sake. Though her french name is Clochette??? Ok dunno where that came from.

So before I leave you high and dry in what should be my flood of posting, here is a website that came from an innocent discussion. I SWEAR. Mind you it was an innocent discussion with my kinky friend Jeff- yes Jeff I do love you. But still from him getting a Malamute (ie hairy shedding dog) and me saying maybe he should get a leather sofa we travelled to Friction Furniture. Yes I like thorns up my ass, honest. It shows you the power of google to come up with weird ass shit. And even I the anti-claustrophobic wouldnt go near one of the vacuum beds. People who buy this shit are scary- so are the limey perverts are selling it.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

I have the internet. No more delayed posts. More bits to make better. It is great. The Noos people came and well I have the internet. And my real life friends will never see me again...

Now if only my blog would update- drives me bonkers I am part of a ring now and I cant get the code to post up. Just one more reason I am thinking I want to move it to its own design and template.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Second Level of Hell!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Moderate
Level 2 (Lustful)Very High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Low
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Moderate
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)High
Level 7 (Violent)Moderate
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test

A fun little test that I swiped from Len who swiped it from someone else. Well I guess I didnt think I was virtuous, and I sure as hell dont repent much (I try not to regret much either). I do believe in something- a mash of my own spirituality bits I like and the ethics of which I use to rule my life. I guess of the seven sins in life I identify most with Lust anyways. Now to find someone to share the lust with...

You Need To Evolve:
It is things like this which make me call all mid-western states in the US the fly-by states. It is like evolution has left them behind. Ohio legislature is passing laws banning same sex unions and the extention of benefits to same sex partner. It isnt surprising in light of the rulings in Canada and Massachusttes near by (plus Belgium and the Netherlands a bit further away. Such small minds wanting big pockets. The best part is that they swear it doesnt reflect discrimination, just one groups preferences on the definitition of marriage. What the fuck do you think the foundation of discrimination is?? Huh Dippy the Shit Stick?

I am sorry but to deny citizens their rights on such a bigoted basis is appaling. I dont know what to say about it. I hate hypocrisy and if the Republican platform is keeping the government out of your life and trusting the people, then get teh fuck out of the bedroom. Treat people like humans- all of them regardless of personality characteristics and preferences. Seperation of Church and State it does mean something.

Please people join those of us an the next evolution. Tolerance it is a positive thing.

I Love My Neighborhood
Really it was 3am when I wrote this and it is Tuesday night- technically Wednesday morning. I have officially lost my humor. There are no noise laws in Paris . Normally the neighborhood isn’t so noisy except for on Saturday (when I am usually out with them) but tonight... Oh well. I did say I liked it because of the bars and restaurants galore.

It started with Karaoke night at 11:30pm. Karaoke is the devil spawn. Fun for that one or two drunken songs, then it should be banned. Last night consisted of absorbed people singing the composite song from Grease 12 times, in a row. I counted. Next was some bad Euro-techno for an hour and a half mixed with teeny bop songs. That is before going on to some Olé song and then US rap with the requisite alternation of HOOOOOO and FUCK YOU every 5 seconds. What you thought it would end there?? Come now, No!! I was then privileged enough to hear what I can only assume is the whole Justin Timberlake CD. Please just sing the "Daaaaaaaay-eo daylight come an me wanna go home" Reggae song and call it a night.

I can’t help laughing, almost crying. I almost broke out of my anti-social mood to go and "party" with them at the bar. Almost. I almost went running at about 1am too since I was up and it was clear that sleep was not going to be had. Almost, is the imperative word.

Currently I am in the possession of one crazy, he is in the door well of the building across from mine. His ass is suctioned there. He isn’t the "holding a bottle" crazy either. However, he does have this habit of shouting in an odd voice that makes me wonder if the crazies are the prophets. I don’t know why- it just comes to my mind. He also isn’t approachable like the crazies in the Place. Them I have said hello to on my way to class or given a pain chocolat I’m not going to eat to. He is funky. That is part of his character; it is also the part getting on my nerves at this exact second.

He is yelling on the street at random intervals which coincidentally correspond with my cyclical tease of sleep. Right about now I don’t care if he is the messiah himself, I just want him to stop. I am tempted to stick my head out the window and yell back at him to shut his trap (in a not so polite French way I know...).

Yes, I am aware he wouldn’t be the neighborhood crazy if he wasn’t doing strange things. Besides which, I like the crazies in general (the only difference between them and me is I talk to the voices IN my head, not out loud, Momma taught me good!). He has even been so kind as to shout at me to not smile when I have walked past him on occasion and I have retorted back :P I have put up with him shouting on other nights as it usually stops by about 1am. I don’t know where he goes except it is somewhere else.

BUT... Here is that qualifier you were looking for though; I like it most of the time. That does not however include tonight. Tonight he has jumped on my last nerve. It is late. I want him to go shouting elsewhere. My sleep is precious and I need to recover it. If it continues like this it is not going to be a wonderful day in the neighborhood tomorrow. I want my peaceful moments, being awake has been a trial lately; and I have more I need to finish up with this and next week it looks like.

Where is the bottle of my vicoden? That should knock me out, taking the agony and torture with it.

One More Time:
As of this Thursday I will become the happy subscriber to an internet and cable television package. I am thrilled. I managed through with all my language skills I could muster. Gave him my vitals, and he walked me through the options. Chose a pretty cheap on with a great promotional deal. I am stoked. I will not only be on the internet but I get BBC.

Even better though, I didn’t have to sign away a child this time. My reproductive system thanks Noos for the break. Instead the cute French guy flirted with me the whole time. He was so nice. I apologized for my French he told me not to be silly it was perfect. I don’t know why I don’t mind when men lie to my face about things like that. Must be because it was in French and I am hard up.

It makes for a better afternoon, which I have been in serious jonesing need of anyways. I left the Noos store and walked down the street smiling. French people aren’t completely sure what to do with that, and that only made it more fun. It was 14 degrees C/in the 50’s F and sunny. Hole in my tooth or not how could I not walk with a lighter step smiling. I am in Paris. I had a cute French guy flirt with me. I am getting the internet at home. And best of all I didn’t step in any dog shit while walking with a smile and looking at the street (instead of where I was walking). Would be stupid not to smile and take advantage of that.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Chance to give an opinon:
I know there isnt a lot of traffic here yet- I am still in the process of joining up on things like rings etc. But I am slowly thinking of moving the blog to its own server. I just want it to feel more like me and well it doesnt designwise now and I want to put up things like pictures (once I get my camera). I cant afford to do it immediately thanks to this weekend, however I can afford to register a domain name.

So I am going to open the crowd to those of you who do read to make suggestions (polite ones) in the comments box. Tell me if you think I should register the domain as jitterygirl.com or if I should make a whole revamping and maybe change the domain name... I dont know. But you go make a comment and tell me what you think.

Sorry But Honestly You Are Not Catching Me On A Good Week- I Am Normally Not This Bad:
Sorry guys and gals. I swear that I am normally not like this. I promise. However, it seems I am still on the down streak; it has to end soon though. Right? In addition to the rental car, the bitter boxes, my passport and anything else you can think of, I know have to go find a dentist. And I can tell you I am LIVID.

My dentist at home is a family friend- the 30 years long kind. Usually he has taken good care of me. I get cavities left and right- and it doesn’t seem to matter what I do. So six months ago I went in for three fillings. And since then two of said fillings have either chipped off some or the same cavity has remerged for the third time (can feel the little hole). But last night the cake topper with numero three happened.

As far as irony goes its great! As I am brushing my teeth the filling from my furthest back molar on my right side that was on the tooth and gum line chips me out a black bit. Doesn’t even look like it would be filling material, it looks like asphalt. Tongue feels around and there we go- hole in the mouth. This isn’t the first time I have had to have dental work done abroad, actually in Norway they took way better care of me for way less cost (Thank You Social Democratic Government!)than Bob seems to have.

GRRRRRR. Probably more money, definitely more annoyance, and me LIVID- that is the picture. I will never go back to Bob and that is final. Sorry Bob I don’t pay you $400 to have these kinds of problems (that also includes a wisdom tooth extraction which went WAY wrong too).
Friends the Theme Song:
When I got home from school today I had a great realization, the kind that warmed me inside. I started knitting a Punkin hat while watching Friends. I heard the theme song. But this time there was a more resonant meaning. There is this line "when it hasn’t been your day, your week, or even your year- I’ll be there for you..."

Quite honestly it has not been at the least my weekend. And I had a realization about where I am in life. After a period when I dismantled my "home" life and real friends to start this graduate school adventure, and was going through I had what I call a series of false friends. You know the kind of people who say that they are there for you and then go eeer eeeer eeeeeer psycho on your back. The kind that are "there for you" but with strings. Should you need them they run like all hell or worse. Distortions you thought were friends... Well no more, I am at a place where I have a good core around me again

I am the fag hag type. I do better around the boys- I usually know how to deal with them, women I have not had as good of experience in the connections category. I am not always sure how to make friends with women and half the time I do not understand my own species anyways. I now ironically have a handful of amazing girlfriends and that group is expanding.

Today I was reminded again: those in my everyday life and here in Paris are some of the most amazing people I have ever encountered. They are the real thing- the kind that are fun to be with, wicked smart and most importantly THERE for you. Not the kind who runs at the first sight of anything- minor (or not so minor) annoyances, changes in life etc. The kind that not only go on your errands with you, but make you laugh when you are down, try to make things better for you and want nothing but the best for you, sometimes at their expense. The kind who offers to help out any way they can at every point should you need it- or even not, just knowing the offer is there means more than I can express.

I am so grateful for experiences like this program where I am making such phenomenal friends. Friends I value more than gold. My Tammies Rock.

The Super Bowl:
I decided I was going to be American tonight. So I put on my Yankee clothes and went out with Lauren, Julia (the Austrian) and friend-of-Lauren. We walked around to two different bars that were playing the Super Bowl. Finally we settled on the one which looked a bit livelier. We sat down and watched the game. Got hit on by some funny drunk boys and listened to the annoying High Society DC girl talk "French."

The first half wasn’t that inspiring for me; I have no ties to either team. I did watch the half time show and even got to see a flash of Janet Jackson’s boob- Big Whoop. I’ve got two of my own I can look at any time- no scandal there (unless you come from Puritan stock- me I come from Latin breeding :)

After half time show at 2:35am decided it was time to go home. I am no longer a hard core American football fan, and never really have been a professional American football fan either (college yes!). I am also old, I wanted to sleep. I find as I get older sleep is much more important than a beer. So we headed back Chez Tink for a sleep over :)

It was hysterical, there is barely ANY space in my flat and I fit four people in to sleep. The best part, besides trying to not step on each other and tripping is that we pulled out the click-clack (French for futon). I am lazy and most nights sleep on it folded/sofa style. The thing when flat does not stay flat. It is like a teeter totter. I just about died with laughter- the silly girly kind, pouncing on it on all fours and tottering on it.

Lauren was unsure about sleeping on it with me. But I convinced her it would be ok- hell it was me that would have been launched on to the wall and Giftzwerg. I tucked her in too because she was afraid to move on it. Turns out I supposedly snuggled up to her during the night. Me I am a dead sleeper so I have no recollection- I just think she wanted to say she got some action :)

Quite Possibly One of the Best Cookies:
I don’t have to say much. No need to be verbose when concise will do. I have found a new cookie and it ranks with Tim-Tams. The Pink Grapefruit Pim.

Lauren introduced me to it and I am now addicted. I have just scarfed through a whole box of them. Munch, munch, munch. Yum, yum, yum. Even better when watching tele with out commercials!

Monday, February 02, 2004

One, and Two Equals Twelve:
Ok so I forgot my USB disk with this weekends posts- they will have to wait. But I saw this in the news and I didnt know what to think, say or do. I was torn between rage, tears, laughter and utter disbelief.

Here go take a look:
What the hell? *** Update*** Sorry for the broken link its all better guys

Ok it is official the man cant count. There is no way possible short of using imaginary numbers to make that math work. He needs to quit watching things on terrorism and go back to watching Sesame Street, and work on singing the Count song. Put the numbers in the right order Dumbya.

The man is a twat. To reduce a budget by one third- in one year no less, with a fledgeling struggling economy mind you, increases in spending and no taxes. Sorry it just wont work. No two ways about it. Just use your fingers George. I know its hard to count with out taking your shoes off but please for the sake of my children try.

It is things like this which are SOOOO SOOOO Wrong with the US administration domestically. And the sad thing is that barely 10% of the people actually get it and understand the implications of this.

Really we need to start minting Monopoly money. Let the twat play with that- not anything I am paying to the government.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous Meeting Please...
I am trying not to be obsessive compulsive. Life has gotten tighter. Looks like I will have to postpone moving the blog to its own server and the Blog Moxie design will have to wait too. On the bright side, I have loads of shit I don’t need (and a small amount I do). I have the rest of my knitting accoutrements. So, I can knit and revel in my Parisian driving adventure.

I drove the whole time, sounds silly but I am quite chuffed. Mel came to drive but "challenged" me (me turn down a challenge??). I rented a car with Easy Car- the cheapest option but stiff penalties. Drove a Mercedes A car to Charles de Gaulle airport and back. I swerved around traffic on the peripherique and made it out to the airport to pick up my things and through my quartier to drop them off. Good on me! I had a good time and enjoyed it.

Started off a bit odd. I left my flat in my très chic Parisian outfit- warm up pants, t-shirt and fleece pullover. And as I waited out side the station for Mel, I had some large black transient man walk extremely close to me and blow on me. I turned around and gave him a disgusted look and made a "get that out of my mouth" spit. He looked back at me like he was all offended. Yeah that is right bring it on!

Anyways met up with Mel, picked up the car and were on our way. I must also commend Mel she is quite possibly the best attentive passenger driver and cheerleader, I could have ever asked for. I am so completely indebted to her it is not even funny. She is a wonderful navigator. It is the French who don’t know how to put up signs.

We get to CDG, drove around looking for fret 6. Found fret 1-2-3-4-5-and 7. It is official the French can’t count. Finally 20 minutes later we found fret 6. I don’t like lying French shipping men; I wish bad things on them. For 50 euros I paid- they did not clear customs (like SAS did), and they did not have it ready. I don’t know what I paid them for except for bad customer service and to gouge me.

I arrived with just enough time to do what I was told- pick my shit up and go. Instead I get to run with my papers to another building for the office to sign, then to another building to stand in line behind the Tobogan who is trying to clear his "package" through customs and people trying to stand on me.

The French Customs lady proceeds to interrogate me. Why I am in France- to study. Do you have ID. Yes, Student Card- No inscription and identity papers; oh you want to play that game. Here have everything- oh that will work she says sheepishly as I threw 8 forms,identity cards and other various papers at her. What I am going to do with these things- throw some away, use some others. Wait! I confess, I am from Saudi Arabia and I plan to blow up La Tour Eiffel the cunning use of... clothes, an alarm clock, a political science book for tinder and spit. 20 minutes later I get my elusive timbre. All you have to do in France is have a Timbre and you have THE POWER.

I go back to the desk and the man who told me I could pay with a credit card says- Do you have cash or a check? No. Three people later someone hunches under the table and processes my card. Then I take my papers to the 3rd person. Who spends 10 minutes searching for the bitter boxes, finally he finds them. Ironically at the exact moment the car is supposed to be returned. Yeah I am fubar- bye, bye money. So finally we get my things. Yippee effing dooo-deee, back to town.

I dropped Mel off- if I am going to be late with the car and get charged the same flat rate why not have fun being fucked I say?? Drove around a bit even hit the Champs Ellysee which will take your wits with it. Then I dropped the car off. Just about had a heart attack as something scratched the car, at the LAST second. But the goddess finally decided to look kindly up on me and the check in guy didn’t see it. Saved me a dime or two, I guess I can hold onto those. And I took the metro home broke and tired... it could always be worse :) That is right it can, because when I got home I realized I may have left my passport in the car, cause it’s no where to be found. Yes, I am brilliant.

Time to embrace the truth; if I try to scrape the corners and save money it will feel pinched and make a mass exodus from my pocketbook. There were so many ways I could have saved myself at least 100 euros, not to mention what it is going to cost if I have to replace my passport. If only I hadn’t tried to clench pennies with my ass.

So after opening a box and saying I want 1-2-3 things out of that one, I watched the A-Team in French (trippy), helped Lauren and Julia move- they have cable I sat in awe of English on the tele, repacked some of the shit I don’t need and crashed pretty hard reading some of Papa H. I am trying not to obsess, nothing I can do anyways- but this is not my forte, AT ALL.

The lesson: Just pay the piper the first time not the twelve subsequent times when you are bent over the barrel.

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